The outdoors has the potential to transform a person in many ways. By constantly throwing up new challenges, the outdoors provides an enriching experience. It encourages initiative, rewards innovation and enhances self-belief. From confidence building to personality development; from decision making to leadership skills; from learning to laugh at oneself to empathizing with others; it all happens here. And we haven’t said anything about the friends one makes!
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Adaptability Make it Happen

An unfamiliar environment evokes unusual responses. Reacting positively by adapting to the situation is a crucial skill-set that can only be learnt by actual hands-on experience. We reinforce this positive behaviour by placing the participants in situations that require continuous acclimatization. We further drive home the point with a host of activities like navigating through woods, self-cooking, building a fire, mock presentations, sharing a tent with another or leading a team, to name a few.
Confidence Building and Risk Taking Nothing is beyond you

How often do we hear a child say, “I Can’t”. It’s a natural first reaction to any unfamiliar task. But like all negative reactions it can be overcome. All that is needed is the assurance “You Can” and a firm but gentle affirmation of self-belief. As the participants succeed in task after task, they automatically adopt the “I Can” credo expounded by Kshitij. For a confident individual, risk taking comes easy – not as a brash rebellious attitude, but as a positive and calculated survival tool.
Developing Initiative/Leadership When the going gets tough…..

The hallmark of a capable leader is the ability to assess a situation and take control before things get out of hand. We encourage such behaviour by deliberately putting the participants in situations that requires them to seize the initiative and take responsibility for themselves and their group.
Effective CommunicationGo what’s your point?

Be it at work or during interpersonal/social interaction, a dynamic person is one who has the ability to understand others and the skill to get his/her message across to them. This is a crucial skill that can be learnt, developed and honed. At Kshitij, the participants are exposed to these essentials and taught the basic skills that go with Effective Communication.
Eco Awareness Up close and Personal

For most of us who live in cities, nature is at best an abstract idea, glimpses of which we catch in the form of parks or gardens. But nothing can ever be a substitute for the real thing. Our program bridges this gap by sensitising the participants to Nature and the Environment. These are issues that every child learns about in school, and we reinforce this learning by taking them right to the heart of the issue.
Fitness for the mind and body Shape up

Working up a healthy sweat amidst verdant woods mountains and breathing crisp unpolluted mountain air is an experience no state-of-the-art Gym or Oxygen Bar can hope to match. An active interest in outdoor activities is the most exciting and enjoyable way to develop and maintain an enviable degree of fitness. A child hooked to the outdoors will make sure he/she stays fit for that trek coming up next vacation.
Happy Holidays Have Lot of Fun

There is never a dull moment in the outdoors where Fun and Learning go hand in hand. Revel in the beauty of Nature, make new friends, develop interesting hobbies and just have a blast. There’s a whole new world just waiting to be discovered.

We involve experts from a variety of backgrounds, and exploit their unique set of proven skills to enrich the experience. Our experts will meet our participants halfway, never talking down to them but treating them like adults, yet keeping the process simple enough to be understood.
Experiential learning is the driving force behind OUR PACKAGES. While the real world rarely forgives failure, the program setting encourages the exploration of ingenious solutions in a playful and non-threatening manner without fear of failure or ridicule.

Each activity poses a series of challenges that call for creativity, lateral thinking and physical effort. Attempting and succeeding in these activities stimulates self-worth and fills the participants with a feeling of triumph and the belief that seemingly impossible situations are in fact quite possible. The idea is to encourage the participants to learn from each experience and put the learning to use in future activities.

Our instructors and facilitators will be with the participants all the time, acting as mentors rather than teachers, unobtrusively guiding them and explaining the nuances and techniques needed to master each activity.

Our Package Tours are a great way to introduce children to a wide variety of exciting wilderness activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and trekking & many more in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Himalayas. These provide opportunities to discover new interests, make new friends, offer real experiences in team work, outdoor leadership and help build self-confidence and social skills.

So, come enroll your child with us on any of this year’s Summer Camps and watch your child go on a journey of learning, discovery and pure fun.

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