HEAT 2009 TO “SARU TAAL” Chanshal Dhar, Pabbar Valley, Shimla Region Himachal Pradesh

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


At what time does the bus leaves Delhi?
Ans - The bus will depart from Delhi at around 9: 30 pm in evening.


From where will the bus leave?
Ans - The coach will leave from ISBT OR Himachal Bhawan near Mandi House.
(Kindly confirm the venue at the time of booking.)


Are meals served during the journey?
Ans - Yes, all meals will be served during the bus journey starting from day 02 breakfast near Fagu. On the return journey on day 9, lunch will be served at Fagu and dinner will be served enroute to Delhi from Shimla.


What time does bus reaches Gadsari on Day 2?
Ans - Time of arrival will be around 4 : 30 pm on Day2.


Does the bus reach directly till the base camp?
Yes, the regular 41 seater mountain bus will reach directly till the base camp.


What kind of accommodation is present at the base camp and at the higher camps?
Ans - Large camping tents are pitched at the base camp on sharing basis for an example around 10 people in a 01 tent and on the higher camps four man alpine tents are used on 4 sharing basis.


What kind of meals are served at the camps?
Ans - Pure vegetarian freshly cooked meals are prepared at the camp site. We serve various types of cuisine at our camps like South Indian, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Chinese, and Punjab etc.


What equipments are provided to the trekkers?
Ans - Trekking rucksacks, sleeping bags, carry mattress, blankets, tents are provided within the package price.


Where are the rucksacks issued and what happens to the extra luggage. Also what do trekkers need to carry along with them?
Ans - The Rucksack are issued at the base Camp and the excess baggage is stored in the cloak room.
The list of clothing required may be requested from our office.


Do we need to carry own sleeping bags?
Ans - No, all sleeping bags are already available on all the camp sites. And at the base camp blanket are provided as weather is cool and chilly.


What is the weather at the camp site?
Ans - The base camp is chilly in the morning and evening and in day time it is warm, whereas at the higher camps it is cold in the morning and evening and chill in the day time.


Are woolens required for this trek?
Ans - Yes, light woolen and warm woolen are definitely required in the higher camps.


Is this trek is safe for the beginners and for the first timer?
Ans - HEAT is specifically designed for the beginners and for moderate level trekkers, who want to enjoy the beauty of the nature and Himalayas, experience wilderness in the forest, enjoy spectacular sites such as cascading water falls, gurgling streams, carpets of flower at the high altitude meadows and perhaps snow fall on the higher altitude.


Does one experience snow during this trek?
Yes, usually the top camp is accessible to snowline and even at the end of May snow patches are accessible.


Is first aid is available at the all the camps?
Ans - Yes, first aid is available at every camp site and all camp leaders are qualified in the first aid.


What kind toilets facilities are available on the camp site?
Ans - As trekking in Himalayas is a environment friendly activity, we avoid any permanent construction in any sort.  The septic tank concept is used at every campsite with toilets tents; hence all the toilets have Indian seats connected with septic tank and we manually flush water with buckets to keep it clean.


Is bathing facilities available?
Ans - Bathing facilities are available in the base camp. In the higher camps the climate is at extreme cold side, hence bathing is not recommended.


How is good quality of drinking water ensured during this trek?
Ans - The water used for drinking is usually sourced from the natural streams coming down from the Himalayan glaciers after strict inspection.  Water purifying tablets are also used. Boiled drinking water can also be provided on request.


Are certificates given on successfully completing the trek?
Ans - Yes, on successfully completing the trek, certificates are awarded at the base camp.


Is this trek is approved by any apex bodies?
Ans - Heat 2009 is approved by Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi.


Is Travel Solutions recognized with Ministry of Tourism Government of India?
Ans – No we Associates with Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt. Ltd which recognized with Ministry of Tourism, Government of India since from 2000.  We are also active members of :-
ATOAI - Adventure Tour Operators Association of INDIA  
IATO - Indian Association Of Tour Operators
ADTOI - Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India
CII - Confederation of Indian Industry  
IMF - Indian Mountaineering Foundation


What is Strength of Travel Solutions in adventures holidays and trips.

  • Soft & Hard Treks in Ladakh, Zanskar, Kullu, Spiti, Kinnaur, Pangi, Kashmir, Garhwal, Kumaon, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan, Arunachal, Nepal & Tibet.
  • Mountain Biking in Ladakh, Sikkim, Himachal & Uttaranchal.
  • Support to Mountaineering Expeditions
  • White water rafting trips & expeditions
  • High Altitude overland Safaris – In Jeeps, motorcycles & ATV’s.
  • Wild Life Tours
  • Cultural/ Festival & Heritage Tours
  • Luxurious Forts & Palaces stay experience
  • Rural & Tribal tours
  • Special Interest journeys on temples of India
  • Photography tours
  • Pilgrimage & Spiritual Tours
  • Nature & Eco friendly tours
  • Bird watching tours

Corporate Outbound Training Programmes


How does Travel Solutions ensure the responsible Tourism?

Since the start, through his vision, the main objectives have been very strongly supported by:

  • The principles of protecting the environment, flora, fauna, landscapes
  • Respecting the local cultures, traditions, religions and heritage
  • Benefiting the local communities – both economically and socially
  • Conserving natural resources – from office to destinations
  • Minimizing pollution – from waste disposal and congestion

We promote local leadership, provide excellent working conditions for our staff and porters on adventure trips and share a close relationship with them. In Uttaranchal, Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal, we are very well known in so many tiny hamlets due to our regular visits with our clients. We recognize that tourism can be a real help to the local communities providing income, positive cultural exchanges and financial incentive to protect the natural environment.


What is the mission statement of Travel Solutions ?

Our priority is to satisfy every client, every time through outstanding and personalized services. We are dedicated to the customer experience and are constantly evaluating how we can improve upon this.

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